I like to consider myself a flexible person, who can take on change easily and with grace, but I can't deny that this latter half of the year — which has been defined by a lot of change — has been difficult, sometimes disappointing, and even provoked anxiety. In light of that, I felt very excited and motivated to take an end-of-year trip with my aunts somewhere I'd never been before — and I would have been unlikely to choose on my own — Iceland.

I brought my fancy camera with me on the trip, but honestly, I've been trying not to let myself get too deep into photography mind. Instead, I've put being present at the top of my priorities, followed by snapping a handful of pictures here and there with whatever camera is close.

I'd love for you to follow me on the rest of my journey (I'm thinking of naming this vacation, "Into the Blue" — what do you think?). You can find more of my pictures (and videos too in the stories feature) on my Instagram: @cheyvarner — Please enjoy!


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