Inspiration: Lettering, Ancestors, Bedtime Stories & More

  1. How cozy and comfortable! I love it when photography has this candid nature. It's so authentic and (insert dreamy eyes here) so sweet.
    via Praise Wedding
  2. I love beautiful lettering! It's always been a challenge for me, so I do a lot more admiring than creating. This particular piece was made by an amazing college friend of mine!
    via alysonnailahdesigns
  3. Tis the season of so many graduations! I loved how uniquely this photo captured the joyous, fun and celebratory nature of this great accomplishment.
    via alexandra galbreath photography
  4. I have been an adoring follower of Latonya Yvette for at least a year now. From her style to her wisdom to all she shares about her journey of motherhood – it's all golden.
    via Latonya Yvette
  5. Mamas everywhere inspire me and The Birth Hour podcast (in which women share their own birth stories) has been a huge source of learning and inspiration for me as I think to my own future experiences and how to best support the moms I serve as a doula in the meantime.
    via The Birth Hour; with photo cred to Kindnessgirl
  6. The Freedmen’s Bureau Project is an initiative that will make over 1.5 million historical documents available online, finally allowing descendants of former African-American slaves to learn more about their family roots. I'm sitting here like, Yes! This is so amazing! I want to use this!
    via The Freedmen's Bureau Project
  7. A collection of bedtime stories for girls that does not include, "Once upon a time there was a girl looking for a prince..." Instead, they're like, "Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to walk on Mars!" BOOM! Empower your child and lull them to sleep in one easy step! Total win.
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