11 POC Brands I Think You Should Know About

Malcolm X spoke of Black business as a means for liberation. He advocated that we not only support existing Black businesses, but understand the significance of creating more, thereby establishing a foundation of economic power within our communities attuned to the needs of our communities.

Today, I believe this concept still applies, not only to the Black community, but all communities of color. Not only is supporting these businesses invaluable to the owners, it's empowering for us! It affirms that we are here, we are capable, we create ideas and products that contribute value and joy!

Here are some of my favorite POC-created brands I've found in the last few years. Not only are these brands creating meaningful content and/or products, they're also really excellently designed. So while you're supporting the community, you may also want to take notes!

Winter Tangerine Review
"A literary journal addicted to the electric. To the salt. The sugar. To bitter honey. To catalysts. So, go ahead. Ignite." WTR doesn't pull punches. They call for talented writers to engage in the meaningful issues that society often shies from. This is a must-click for the literary-inclined.

PeaceImages Jewelry
Handmade jewelry with a beautiful, natural aesthetic. Stylish, comfortable and empowering. I read in an interview that the artist's style icon is Erykah Badu. Nuff said.

New Father Chronicles
LaGuardia Cross started vlogging when his daughter, Amalah was an infant. He describes the vlog as, "the weekly journey/shenanigans shared between a new dad and a new human." I describe it as, "video gold" — creative stories of Black fatherhood (and motherhood when his wife appears) that are sure to make you smile, if not laugh out loud.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 11.49.39 PM.png

Strolling Series
Created to, "[connect] the scattered stories of the black diaspora," this is a series of short documentary films in which creator Cecile Emeke strolls with interviewees through various cities in various countries having raw, honest conversations about significant issues. 

Latonya Yvette
Latonya is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on motherhood, style and creativity. For me, there is such a simple joy that comes with reading and viewing a truly well-put-together reflection — a mark her blog posts meet regularly.


Adorned By Chi
This shop's quirky, cute clothes and accessories might be just the thing you were looking for to fill that dusty little gap in your wardrobe. About themselves they say, "We're cute and conscious, Black and proud." I'm over here like, "One 'don't touch my hair' shirt, please."


Too Fly Not to Fly
An alphabet book for ages Pre-K to 3rd grade, written through the lens of a Black child. "O" is for "Obstacles." "K" is for "King." "S" is for "Strength." And all "I" have to say is "I am all here for it."

Erica Tenggara Yoga
Erica is one of my favorite yogis to follow on Instagram. She posts beautiful images of herself in poses as well as really helpful videos and collages on how to get into certain poses. Her often-used hashtag, #ProductofPatience, reminds me that she didn't get here overnight, so I won't either.

Super Mamás
Super Mamás is a podcast put on by Latina moms and sisters, Paulina and Bricia Lopez. They create a space where expecting moms can exchange knowledge and be supported through the emotional ups and downs of motherhood. I'm constantly stalking their Instagram. Such goodness.

Nubian Skin
For WOC looking for underwear that actually matches their skin tone when it says, "nude." Because "nude" isn't just pale, pink off-white no matter what the majority of the beauty industry says! I love that the lightest shade is described as, "More parts cream than coffee." That's definitely this sister right here! 😂

Brown Sugar Social
Brown Sugar Social Project helps black-owned brands grow their products. This is how I found out about PeaceImages Jewlery and OooPolish, the first and only polish line created for WOC! I fell in love with this group at first scroll-through-the-Instagram-feed. I have a feeling that you might, too.

Do you have some favorite POC Brands that you've discovered? Tell me about them! Share in the comments below.