3 Mobile Apps That Get You Politically Engaged Today

In times like these, it isn't just nice to be politically engaged. It's either be politically engaged, or become complicit (whether aware of it or not) in the workings of a machine that will change the lives of millions of people. That's why I asked my friends and fam about what ways they knew to get informed and engaged faster, and that's why when I found out about these political mobile apps I wrote this article for For Harriet as fast as my fingers could type.

While I'm excited to motivate more Black women like myself to move from politically-minded to politically-active, I am well aware that this task will require the full participation of every able American. So no more intro. Get these apps and get engaging.

VoteSpotter is a mobile app that connects you to your representatives (Federal and State). Get alerts when they vote, then tell them what you think. Also shares their contact information so it's easy to email, call, fax, write them, or all of the above.

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Countable describes their platform as "government made easy." They have a website and a mobile app that empowers people like me and you to directly influence policy and keep track of your congressional representatives.

They let you know what Congress is voting on, and provide both brief and more in-depth descriptions of the impact of potential legislation, why you might lean yes or no, who proposed the bill, and even more. They also allow you to see what your reps are voting and contact them easily.

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This is literally Tinder for politics. You swipe right or left to indicate your stance of yes or no on different issues, and then it matches you up with politicians who most closely fit your leanings.

Now, ah, I've used Tinder before. So I feel very confident in saying that like Tinder, this is not a perfect way to find a political match. Voter thinks I would have liked to have Jill Stein as president, which isn't the case for me. It also thought I lived in Richmond, CA, instead of Richmond, VA, which had me confused on local issues for a minute 😂 But I digress. I think it could be a useful app for learning more about the candidates around you.

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Take a Look Inside the Apps

So while you're searching through the App store to download these, tell me, what ways do you stay politically informed and engaged? Have any more suggestions?