10 Box Subscription Brands To Give You Life

It's been a rough few weeks (or months, depending upon how you look at it) for many of us. On one end, during rough times it can be nice to unplug, disconnect and just surround ourselves with the simple things. On the other hand, there are businesses that send you boxes full of awesome stuff like cookies these days!

I'm not advocating going crazy here, just saying, if you're able to swing it, here are some neat ways you might be able to treat yourself (or give to someone you love) this year.

The Cravory
Who would not want cookies mailed to your door? That's what The Cravory does! They have cookie subscriptions! An ongoing subscription of 12 cookies a month starts at about $25 a month. Personally, I couldn't see feeling good about doing this more than two months in a row for myself, but a cool gift idea though!


Already feeling unhealthy thinking about those cookies? Bestowed might be more your speed. This box is packed with the healthy foods and snacks you pass by in the organic grocery store aisle. Starts at $20 a month and goes down if you commit to longer. So not bad for you, price-wise either!


CauseBox sends out quarterly boxes of products from socially conscious brands, valued at over $150 per box, yet costing you about $50 if you commit to a year. So you're investing in brands with a conscious AND getting $100 off on their stuff! That's actually pretty darn awesome.


Fellow Black girls, unite! OnyxBox is a beauty subscription box for Black women! So if you've been tired of wandering the aisles of Sephora and Ulta feeling too-melanin for it all, now you can reach into the mailbox and be catered to exactly as you are, starting at $25 a month, of course. Which hey, that's not bad. I've spent way more than that in one reluctant Sephora trip.


Book of the Month
Okay, not a box subscription, but a book subscription and I'm just going to say it counts. Each month Book of the Month selects 5 books, and you pick one, and they send it to you, and you read it, and repeat! If you love books and you need to curb your bookstore expenses this might be the thing for you! First month is $5, then $15 a month after that. Which woah! That sounds great!


Call Number
Call Number is an actual box subscription, with books, celebrating Black literature and authors! Each month you get a book and 4-5 bookish and library-related items (intrigue!). Starts at $35 a month, which is a little pricey for me, honestly, but I could definitely see giving it a try!


Bump Box
Are you a mama-to-be? Or do you know one? This monthly subscription service caps out at 9 months (I wonder why? 😂), and it actually customizes your box to your estimated due date! What! It's not just about sending mommy-stuff, but healthy products actually relevant to your stage of pregnancy. Starts at about $40 a month ladies.


PopSugar Must Have
A box of fashion, beauty, home and more. I personally feel like this is a box for ladies who love ELLE magazine or other magazines like it. It's kind of high-end-ish, what I imagine to be super "in." In any case, it's over $100 in value each month and starts at about $40 a month. I think this makes a great gift for a friend with expensive taste.


My Curls Understood Box
Gather around curly ladies! Take a super short hair quiz and then sit back and wait for your box of $40+ of products for hair just like yours! Send your feedback and they promise to keep the good curls rolling. Cheesy? I don't curl. 😂 (I'm hilarious.) Personalized boxes start at $27 a month!


Is the Christian faith a part of your self-care? Faithbox is meant to inspire Christian living through devotionals, seasonal prayers, introducing you to socially conscious products, and more. They partner with Rice Bowls to provide three meals to hungry kids per Faithbox purchase. Their guiding scripture: "In doing good, let us not fail." Galations 6:9


Did I miss one or two? Tell me in the comments below!