3 Shows I Watch To Stay Informed And Entertained

It all started for me one lovely summer staying with my great-grandmother, when she fell asleep during an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I wandered in and finished watching it. At the tender age of about nine or ten, every joke flew over my head, but I smiled anyway. Fast forward to middle school, and I'm sitting in the basement of my best friend Jia's house watching The Colbert Report. And today, if I'm gonna cry because of the news anyway, might as well cry laughing so hard... and basking in the light that is Trevor Noah's face. 😏 😂


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah goes over the latest news with humor, intelligence and a diverse staff of comedian-journalists.

On Tomi Lahren's suspension from TheBlaze Network:
"I want to protest for Tomi. Unfortunately, there's no type of Black-people protest she's comfortable with."


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Jon Oliver offers a focused, in-depth, hilarious overview of timely issues concerning the U.S. and world.

On the Mexican Border Wall:
"I suggest instead of building that wall, we use the money to buy every man woman and child in America [a waffle iron]... We'd still have nearly a billion dollars left over... I know what you're thinking, Jon this is a stupid idea, but is it? Is it really?... This waffle iron idea will cost less, it'll do nearly as much to keep out immigrants and drugs, it won't harm our relationship with our third largest trading partner, if it is racist it's only toward Belgians, and unlike [the wall] this makes f***ing waffles."


The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert
With a full band and an odd echo-man (don't understand that, lol) behind him, Stephen Colbert basically does topical stand-up on the regular.

On the firing of Bill O'Reilly:
"O'Reilly is suddenly off the air... this is huge! It's like looking at your front yard and the big oak tree is just gone. And sure the oak tree said some disturbing things about young Black men, what with their rap music and their neck tattoos, but damn it, the tree had been there forever, and your grandpa liked to just sit there and stare at it."

What shows do you watch that keep you in the know, and maybe give you a little something to smile and laugh about too? Tell me about them in the comments!