Sumi's Touch Doula Manual

Sumayyah Franklin is a doula, educator, artist, and an aspiring midwife. I had the most amazing time collaborating with Sumayyah to redesign and add colorful illustrations to her beautiful manual!

Sumi's Touch Doula Manual is a comprehensive guide for doulas everywhere, covering significant areas of knowledge including: stages of pregnancy; comfort measures during pregnancy, labor and postpartum; communicating with clients; abortion and loss; working with queer families; and more!

From Sumi: "When I first sat down on my bright red vintage couch in the wee hours of the night I had not one clue what I was getting myself in to. What I intended to be a few pages of the essential things a doula needs to know for my doula training workshop, became an almost 20,000 word manifesto!"

Want to learn more about Sumayyah? Visit her site here, or her Instagram here.



Sumis Touch Example Spread-01.png
Sumis Touch Example Spread-02.png