4 Important Issues To Learn More About And Sources Too

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To be honest, I get exhausted when I think about all the things I should know more about, I want to know more about, I feel like I need to know more about. But I try not to allow being tired or busy an excuse for myself. I can't engage if I don't know what to engage with. I can't educate if I'm not educated. I can't make an impact if I don't start somewhere.

People don't judge the lack of eloquence in this post. As I type it's midnight. But I want to get this done. I need to listen and watch. And write and I call. As much as I can manage. And I hope more people will as well, and in doing so, I hope we'll see some meaningful changes in the near future.

Net Neutrality
Bottom line the decision on this matter could deeply affect the speed of your Netflix streaming (and many other parts of the internet, too). Has that gotten your attention enough? Listen to John Oliver explain it way better in way more humorous detail. The outcome of this will affect our daily lives.

Yeah. Uh. I feel pretty confused, frustrated and anxious in terms of my healthcare knowledge. Vox continues to blow my mind by making this issue way easier for me to understand. Which, unfortunately, doesn't make me feel better at all. I think I need healthcare for the side effects of trying to understand healthcare.


Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents tried to deport a fourth grader this week. A fourth grader. How old is a fourth grader? A fourth grader. GOOD writes more about this in the article, School Reportedly Stops ICE Agents From Deporting 4th Grader. A fourth grader.

Confederate Monuments
This topic feels particularly relevant to me since I live in the former capital of the Confederacy, a city with several of these monuments within it. Recently, when a confederate statue in Charlottesville was slated to be taken down, some protests ensued, one led by alt-right Richard Spencer. A local farmer responds, and the response really struck me.