7 People, Projects, and Pieces of Art Giving Me Life This Week

It's hard these days. There's so much negativity that just hits us without our consent. We see headlines and videos of things happening in the world that we don't want to see, what we wish we could unsee. What's going to combat that? Well, this week, for me, all of these things did. It's a pretty eclectic and beautiful mix, just how I like it.

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight
John Oliver, and whoever writes with him, are creative, hilarious, intelligent geniuses. I gasp, I laugh, I learn and I wait in anticipation for every new episode. Watch him talk about some sketchy happenings in the local news world these days above.

This Truth. All of This Truth.
It just resonated with me all the way down to the depths of my soul. It's hard out here when you're an empathetic, hopeful, sometimes overly-forgiving dreamer-type. Which leads me to...

YEBBA sings, My Mind
This woman's voice is life. Life, I tell you.

Watch her sing, watch her sing again, watch the reaction videos to her singing, watch those again and then just have her voice in your head for the rest of the day.

Mm, yes, thank you, YEBBA.

Hair Love on Kickstarter
Hair Love is an animated short film about an African American father trying to do his daughters hair for the first time, and I LOVE IT! It's already way exceeded its fundraising goal. I'm super pumped to be a backer and I can't wait to see what they do!

Eartha Kitt's Life-Giving Laughter
But are you willing to compromise within a relationship?

"Compromise? For what? Compromise, what is compromising? Compromising for what reason? To compromise? For what! What is compromise?"

If a man came into your life, wouldn't you want to compromise?

[Laughter] "Stupid."

I love that she asks, What is compromise? There are certainly different types of compromise. And mmm, yes, tell 'em Eartha, I'm not here for the wrong type.

Beleaf in Fatherhood, Father Does Son's Hair
Not only is he doing his son's hair, but he's instructing him with positive and empowering phrases. "I am strong." "Black is beautiful."

This gives me so much life. I love hearing adults speak to children like they're real people. He asks his son, "Who are you?" His son says, "Uh, I don't know!" And he responds, "So you got to find out who you are man, 'kay?" "Why?" "Because if you don't know who you are, they'll tell you who are."


Seeing other peoples' JOY!
Seeing other people smile and laugh reminds me that I'm going to be smiling and laughing again soon if I'm not already. I just love it. Keep smiling and laughing everyone; you're giving me life.


What's been giving you life this week? What's inspired you, resonated with you, been stuck in your mind, have you wanted to share? Tell me all about it in the comments.