Taking a Moment to Breathe

Photo by  Liana Mikah  on  Unsplash

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

I'm taking a break from my blog this week. I thought about all kinds of things I could say — all kinds of lists I could make — but honestly, I'm tired. My head is tired. My heart is tired. My feet are tired. My eyes are tired. My voice — I can't help it, to some degree — I can't stop talking in some way or another — but my voice is tired.

And while I know every voice is important, I also know that I'm not alone, which means I don't always need to be the one speaking. This week, in this one way, I will be quiet, and let the voices of my brothers and sisters — with the amazing, beautiful, strong words they've already said — be heard without my added noise.

And I will rest. And I will invite others to rest. And that space is just... yeah, it's beautiful.