4 Ways Being a Little Scattered Worked for Me This Month

Photo by  rawpixel.com  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

I know I get distracted easily. And I know that distractions can be really counterproductive. But I also know that distractions can be gems. There is something totally pure and beautiful about doors opening where you would never have looked for one, about a glimmer of something catching your eye, about a piece of paper flying into your face in the wind and — Hey! It has this message on it — and WHAT, it feels like it's just for you!

In the past few years I've been learning how to reign in the particularly unproductive elements of distractibility, but... *smiles*... gotta give the magic of "un-planning" credit where credit is due.


I discovered a new favorite color
when I made pancakes on a whim. And then a new favorite color website when I started writing this blog post.

One of my 2018 goals is to start meal planning, so in the future I don't wake up and go, "What do I even have in the fridge to make for breakfast?" Though even then I'm sure I'll wake up and go,  "I don't want to eat A/B/C... what else do I have in the fridge to make breakfast?" 

But anyway... last week I woke up, made pancakes on a whim, took a picture of them because I rarely cook and needed proof, and then I was looking at the picture and this GORGEOUS COLOR called to me.

And then, adding magic to magic, in my search for a decent way to display said color, I found this website: ColorHexa 😍


My roommate told me about a website that helps folks construct your contracts, and I couldn't remember the name... and in my search I found two other amazing services!

Yes, so apparently there's a service out there that helps folks with their own businesses create legitimate contracts without spending too much, particularly in the beginning.

By the way, lawyers, I feel you, I get your prices, and I can't wait to flip my hair and say, "Oh yeah, just send me an invoice and I'll get to it shortly."

In the meantime, I've got two links for everyone on planet Shoestring Baby Business Budget:

  1. Termly, and
  2. And Co


I didn't check to see if an office was open and accidentally became available for a really amazing meeting.

The original plan was to go with my friend and incredible Interior Designer Nicole Rutledge to City Hall to take care of some paperwork like the boss babes we are. Well... we showed up to a locked door that said everything was closed for "Lee-Jackson Day." First of all, gross. Second of all, it was 10 am and raining and she'd just paid for parking. 😭

BUT, I had just gotten a call on the way to City Hall from another person in my community wondering if I could last minute join a meeting — and when I got back in my car after parting from Nicole, I called her back and said, "Change of plans! I actually am free!"

Now, there's a pretty amazing thing that might be happening that I might be able to be a part of. And that's all I gotta say about that at this juncture. #BUTGOD


I wrote this blog post two seconds after I opened my website to start writing a different blog post.

Someone just tell me you do this all the time, too. This is such a typical example of my "where the wind blows" nature. 

I would really love to plan my blog posts ahead of time – write them out in Microsoft Word so I don't lose them when my site logs me out because I had the window open from days ago – just pop text into the screen and hit schedule for like four posts in a row.

And I have kind of started! I have a list of blog post ideas in my moleskin, a page away from the last grocery list I wrote (I made vegetable soup in my new slow cooker for the first time ever and it was amaaaazing!). 

But anyway... my plan was to write about some ideas I have about ways to build a culture of professional generosity. I don't even know what happened in my mind to take me to this topic instead, but it happened, and it felt right, and here I am. And if you're here with me, right now, reading this sentence, wow. You're just the best.

Do you identify with my scattered nature? Or are you more inclined to have your life neatly ordered and planned? Say hello and whatever is on your lovely mind below.