"New Year Who This" and Other Thoughts

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I didn't really want to write a blog post this week. It hung over my head — this yappy little floater on my internal to-do list, yapping, "Write me! Everryyyyone with a blog writes a post to bring in the new year!" I spent (exaggerated) hours going through lists of blog post ideas. I'm not very organized — at least not organized in a linear way. I keep my things in a state of organized chaos and I like it that way. So... all I've gotta say to the nagging little feeling that I should be doing things like everyone else is... "Sorry... New year, who this?"

And now... other things I'm saying "New year, who this" to, and... other things!

"New year who this" to Inauthentic Relationships of All Kinds

I don't have time for them! You don't have time for them! None of us have time for them!

A huge lesson for me from 2017 was that you can really click with someone the first time you sit down with them AND realize soon after that actually you don't click at all.

Whether a personal or professional connection, I'm taking my time in 2018 to feel out whether other folks and myself are really seeing life through complimentary lenses and share the values and mission we need to in order to contribute well to each others' work and lives.

"New year who this" to Treading Water

Metaphorically, speaking. A lot of 2017 was me trying to figure out what the heck I was doing and pay my bills while I was at it.

This year, I'm digging deep. I'm dotting my "i"s and crossing my "t"s. It's going to be so legit, it's not even funny.

And hopefully it won't be too incredibly expensive getting there...

Maintaining the Sustainable Lifestyle of Choosing People Over Profit

I know I've always been on the more idealistic side of the spectrum when it comes to looking at

the world and hoping for better. I want people toshare; I want them to see the best in others; I want them to listen and react with empathy in all situations, whatever may be going on.

It's so easy to find stories about folks who are being forgotten and ignored, like the article about folks with no heat in my neighborhood for years. It's so difficult to find stories about folks, particularly businesses, getting involved to meet a need, like a local hotel did by offering free rooms to residents with no heat.

I really try to live that way in my everyday life, supporting other folks dreams or chipping in to meet a need however I can. I hope to build something that can allow me to do this on larger levels, in whatever ways I learn it could be meaningful.

No Pressure Do Better?

Is it possible to do better without putting pressure on yourself? This is just a thought I've had rolling around in my mind lately.

I think yes and no... I do think that we can organically grow sometimes... but mostly at things we feel naturally drawn to anyway. It's the nitty gritty stuff we don't like that I think takes some kind of pressure to develop.

I hope to create a healthy relationship with pressure this year, applying it to the parts of my life that so clearly need it, and releasing it from the areas that I unfairly place it.

Anything resonating? What's on your mind lately? Tell me all about it in the comments below!